Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome to Secrets of Effective Customer Service

Customer Service is not a 'part' of your business;
Customer Service 'IS' your business!
Customer service is a lost art for many North American companies. If you are not willing to serve your customers, someone else will. And they will do it better. The result... you lose customers and eventually lose your business.
This lack or lackluster focus on customer service is what has allowed the big box stores to do so well in North America. If service is lacking, people tend to go where they find selection and price. When price becomes the determinative factor, the smaller retailer is in trouble.
My challenge for my fellow North American business owners is to make Customer Service a solid, integrated part of their business process and strategy. If not, perhaps you might want to brush up your resume for someone who is committed to these levels of service.


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