Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Johnny The Bagger A True Story Of Customer Service

Johnny The Bagger A True Story Of Customer Service: "'The only thing your competition can't take away from you is the relationship your people have with your customers. After you experience Johnny the Bagger, you will see how you and everyone in your organization can make a difference in your customers' lives. The memories you create will keep people coming back-and bringing their friends-for years to come.” Ken Blanchard

VisionPoint's newly released, Johnny the Bagger: A True Story of Customer Service, celebrates the incomparable power of customer service delivered from the heart. Based on the work of noted author and speaker, Barbara Glanz, this inspiring new program features the true story of 'Johnny,' a young man with Down syndrome who made a positive choice about his personal responsibility to provide from-the-heart service and changed the culture of an entire organization.

Johnny the Bagger will help motivate your employees to take personal responsibility for creating a positive, memorable experience for internal or external customers; the kind of experience needed to generate customer loyalty, improve employee retention and strengthen team morale.

Learning Point Highlights:

  • Explains why truly extraordinary service must come from the heart (i.e., from person-to-person connections, not business-to-person connections)
  • Outlines the key mindsets and daily actions that are necessary to deliver exceptional, memorable customer service
  • Equips participants to add their own 'personal signature' to their work to surprise and delight customers"

    My friend Barbara has created something with Ken Blanchard that will revolutionize your understanding of customer service and its value to both the top and bottom lines of your business.

    Bob Hooey,
    Author of 'Secrets of Effective Customer Service'

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Blogger Creative Freakin' Genius said...

I was sent the video from a friend and tried to find more info about Johnny, how he’s doing, where he works, etc.. I have found absolutely no proof whatsoever that this is a true story. I also find it hard to believe that NO ONE WANTS THE PUBLICITY associated with this story. I find it harder still to believe that the store that Johnny works at doesn’t want anyone to know who they are. If they’re so proud of his efforts, why not use that in their advertising to promote their store? If his parents truly are proud of him, why would they want to shield his identity? Isn’t that sending him a mixed message? “Yes, Johnny. Do something good, just don’t let anyone find out who you are….”

Certainly Oprah would have heard of Johnny by now and would have done a story about him. This sort of thing is right up her alley. Certainly someone somewhere would have reported that they shop at this store and have met Johnny. If someone in my town inspired me in that way, I would definitely suggest the local media do a story about them or nominate them for a citizenship award or something such as that.

The video would have been considerably more inspirational had they used interviews of the people involved rather than the way it is presented. It’s a great story, but it’s just that. A STORY. Not unlike all those “inspirational” e-mails we get every day that claim to be true, yet are proven to be false. I feel sorry for everyone who buys into this scam ( literally and figuratively ). Shame on the spinners of this tale who are cashing in on those who want so desperately to believe.

12:03 PM  

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